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    Quote Originally Posted by let`s talk View Post
    Well-well. The quilty party is that Olympic requirement that allows only citizens to represent the coutry. At the age of globalization and intergration such a citizenship demand is stupid to say the least.
    I agree. If they are good to rep Japan at Worlds, I don't understand why citizenship has to limit Olympic chances. If Japan allows a foreigner to rep them, IOC should get their heads out of the equation.

    I do believe Narumi is at fault here (with the backing of JSF). Mervin has blatantly said that Narumi called it off and it was not a mutual decision. With injury, I doubt she would call the partnership off without having a plan B already. I feel so bad for Mervin, he was a great partner to her. Sad she had to give him this end of the stick. I'm so upset....

    So from what I'm reading, it seems like it won't be easy for Mervin to go back to Canada and join Skate Canada? I don't really understand.
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