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    Duh, I am a complete idiot.
    Sorry, in hindsight and with the astute comments from blue and emdee, I see that my previous post was an utterly ridiculous leap.

    My mind was boggled by the pages and pages of documents that Ge showed. And I do sympathize with Ge that he always seems to be in limbo until the last minute before a competition that is on the verge of starting -- awaiting permission to attend. His mention of "2 a.m." also somehow put it into my little head that the situation was of extreme urgency.

    But ... I should have noticed that an earlier tweet from Ge said that he is waiting for Tokyo to decide about his Japanese visa.
    So as emdee notes, the likely scenario is that he is trying to square things away now in preparation for Four Continents and Worlds.
    Apologies that my brain was not working ...
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