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give him 100 points
Lol! Last season somebody on Plu forum compared scores at various Nationals with international events. The result was while all Nationals were rather inflated but RN has the smallest gap between RN's score and score at international events, i.e. judges at RM judged less inflated.

GONGRATS to Plu! Gorgeous 3A, his spins were monsters, such speed! Very nice debute. Such a gem, especially for this lousy event.

In the interview he said that the ice in Iceberg is perfect, as well as all facilities like big changing rooms, gyms, special warm-up area, etc. He said that he was operated on his back 4 weeks ago. He was out of the training process and now he is going back to his standards. He will reach his normal level by Euros. At the end when he was smiling he said that he would never wish anyone to skate as long as he does because it's really hald.