As it is now well and truly the festive season, I thought I would start up a thread which would both be fun for the members, and useful for the administrators!

Last month, we had a poll thread which was basically a survey to see where members of the Golden Skate forum were from. Well, I thought that it might be a good idea to also do a survey to see what age the members were. But, I have decided to give it a fun twist.

Instead of saying directly what age you are, you name a skater that you are the same (or similar) age as. So, I am 27, so I could reply:

I am the same age as Akiko Suzuki"

However, Akiko is actually a few months older than me. So, I might want to make it clear in my answer that I am actually younger than her. One way of doing this would be to give an age range as an answer. So, I could instead reply:

"I am older than Joannie Rochette, but younger than Akiko Suzuki"

Akiko turned 27 at the end of March, while Joannie turns 27 next month. So, that gives roughly a 10 month age range into which my birthday fits.

But, if you do decide to give an age range as an answer, PLEASE DO NOT give a range that is so wide that it is statistically meaningless to the administrators! For example:

"I am older than Julia Lipnitskaya, but younger than John Nicks"!!!

Julia turned 14 at the start of June, while John turns 84 towards the end of next April. So, that gives roughly a 70 year age range, which is of no use to the administrators for working out what age of people uses their site most.

I for one have a feeling that this thread could turn up some very interesting results indeed! Not least the names of skaters that the members decide to use for their comparisons!

Hope you find this thread as fun as I intended it to be.

Merry Christmas