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Yep, I am sure Kanako Murakami who won Silver in the ladies is also a big cash cow, that's why they are sending her to the 4CC as well in lieu of the 5th place finisher. You know, hypocritical JSF who is out to screw the "king". What? Not true!? Then again, people are always free to believe whatever they want, including witchcraft, or a particular skater really is Jesus reincarnated or even that Earth is flat.
Oh my god, dear. I am sure there are some Catholic and Protestants users around who might be not happy that you use Jesus in some comic sense on Christmas time. And the way how you keep repeating that the Earth is round and not flat is scary. Someone doesn't have to be a silly sofa specialist to see that Japanese Men's field and Ladies's field are absolutely uncomparable in terms of competitions and depth. In Ladies 3rd, 5th and 6th are juniors. JSF simply has no one else to send to 4CC besides Mao, Kana and Akiko. While in Men the situation is completely the opposite. If the 4CC were not in Japan, then they might made a different decision like they did before- send the champion plus others who are not in Team Worlds. Or you are saying that last year they believed in flat Earth, so they made the choice they did?
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To me it makes perfect sense that JSF would want to showcase their best competitors at an event that they host.
Yep! And don't forget Fuji TV rights!

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