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Please read my original post carefully before you speak that way to me.
Why not? You said in Men thread that Yuzu underrotated his 3T in 3A combo. And yet, keeping claiming how strict you are on ur, you went blind eye on Hanyu's ur. While on Dai you invested much of your time in creating so-called "evidence". In fact no one cares about your ignorance or your obsessed hatred towards Dai. Your case with him is too clear to care. What a fs fan should care is that UR calls became a scumbag institution that judges switch on when they need it and switch off when they don't, depends on the skater and the event. It doesn't fit the sportsmanship and spirit of fair play. I am not saying that you should care.
According to ISU rule, skaters don’t need 3.5 rotations in the air. As long as they rotate 3.25 rotations in the air, then their 3A’s are perfectly fine.
Oh! The circus is still in town! So, when 3A lacks 1/4 on landing but not more, it has 3.25 rotation in the air you claim. And yet you expect a reasonable discussion.