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Thread: 2013 Europeans Entries

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    Sotnikova today arrived to Zagreb with no problem (her skates and other luggage also arrived).

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    Quote Originally Posted by mousepotato View Post
    A good chance? Do you really think S/K or the Italians would beat them?
    You said something? :P

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    Artur Verner posted on his site that P/B will give a press-conference where they will announce the end of their career due to the partner's serious injury.

    THIS DUDE IS EXTREMELY IRRELIBLE SOURCE!!! Don't be in a hurry to believe it until you hear this news officially.

    At the same time the said persona was the very first who announced the world about Dai-Morozov renunion.

    UPD. A. Verner deleted the said message on his site. Way to go, dude!
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    Pechalat/Bourzat ?

    maybe its the reason Nathanie doesnt look good

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