So it turns out that there are at least two K-Drama fans in this forum -- CaroLiza_fan and I.

Anyway, thought it would be fun to start this thread and share some of our favorites!

My first drama was Boys over Flowers. Looking back it wasn't the most well-produced, but somehow the rags-to-rich storyline, the bromance between the F4 and some of the fun exotic locales got me hooked.

Sort of related to that is a drama called Cheongdamdong Alice , which is currently airing right now. It's a drama that plays on an Alice in Wonderland theme and it's about a woman in her late 20s. who tries to get into the richest neighborhood in Seoul, Cheongdamdong (which is part of the Gangnam area). It's full of hilarious characters, including the the guy who serves as the "White Rabbit," who clearly has mental issues, but a heart of gold.