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Right, I just read the Wikipedia article, and it definitely sounds like the kind of thing I am interested in. So if I can find videos of it with English subtitles, I will look it up.

And, it doesn't matter that a programme is 10 years old! As long as it is good, that is the most important thing. For goodness sake, my favourite programme of all time is over 50 years old!!! ("The Phil Silvers Show")

Out of the Korean dramas I have seen, I would definitely recommend “Franceska” (also known as "Hello, Francesca"). Although it is a “modern” drama, it is not your typical love-triangle story that so many of the dramas seem to be about.

This one is a comedy about vampires! And, unlike a lot of comedies nowadays, it is actually very funny!

I always get so annoyed when my romantic comedies become melodramas. :P That has happened to a few of the dramas I've been watching lately.

Thanks for the recommendations, CaroLiza_fan! That Franceska show sounds fun! Looks like it will be hard to find. Viki only has a few episodes and Drama Fever doesn't have it, so I'm going to have to go into some other sites and look for it!

Anyway, the drama I'm watching now is Flower Boy Next Door, which is currently airing on one of Korea's cable stations (I'm watching it on Drama Fever). It's actually a wonderful story about a girl who is very introverted and is happy just being locked out from the world in her apartment, but is forced out of those confines with a wacky group of neighbors including a video game designer who arrived from Spain.

The character development is wonderful and there are none of the cliches you see with other dramas. I highly recommend it!