Watching TV episodes on DVD a lot of different shows reference the sport - and some of the stars - over the years in different TV shows (movies too).

for example - in two different Friends episodes we learn ross gellar loves Dorothy Hamill (she's on his prelim list of celebs he gets to sleep with should he get the opportunity and his gf can't get mad) and Michelle Kwan (he complains that he was sitting so far up in the stands he worried MK couldn't see his banner. Joey replies "That's okay, ross, I'm sure MK know's you heart her." - this always reminds me of Mathman!). Phoebe is found to be married to a gay Canadian ice dancer (not famous) who comes back to town needing a divorce because he's found out he's actually straight and wants to get married to a girl he fell in love with. The whole "coming out" scene as being straight is done in a very humorous way.

Will and Grace mentioned a vegas ice show that Tonya Harding was to be in, as I recall.

What are some other references (I'm not talking Ice Princess stuff... just shows that have nothing to do with skating, but it pops up in an episode/scene).