The good thing with her is she is already a World Bronze Medalist, 3x Grand Prix Final Medalist, 4CC Silver Medalist, multiple ISU GP Champion and medalist. Olympian. Survivor of Anorexia.

She is a star! I do hope she could continue beyond Sochi
Whatever would make her happy , would make me really happy as well!

She is seriously one of the major contenders for the World and 4CC Championships!


A rising voice after her announcement is: Should she have a foreign "super" coach to give her the political edge and super choreography.
People were suggesting that she should be co-coached by Frank Carroll with choreography from Lori, Brian Orser, Tarasova or Morozov. I think it may be a good move, but Hiroshi has been absolutely amazing as well.

I only wish her all the best! Nonetheless, I still consider Akiko one of the greatest figure skaters of all-time! She may not have the amount of medals as Michelle and Mao- but her beautiful heart, passion and musicality would forever make me love and admire her for all time!