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Thread: Programs with the best Choreography?

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    What makes a program aesthetically well-constructed?

    I recently came across this article from 1996:

    Michelle Kwan: World Champion Skates to Azerbaijani Symphonic Music
    Finally after much searching, Nichol found a quote describing the memorial: "Both inside and out, the marble reflects the light and mood of the changing day. Dazzling at noon. Warm and glowing at dusk. Soft and ethereal in the moonlight like the varying moods of a beautiful woman."

    And based upon that description, Nichol and Carroll created the choreography-the imagery of the sun as it shines against the white marble of the building casting various shadows and creating different moods. The artistic movement climaxes in the evening when the story reveals the spirit of Mumtaj rising out of the crypt, searching through the halls of the mausoleum for her husband and then dancing with him. Then, just before the sun rises for a new day, she disappears in despair back into her grave.

    According to Nichol, so many details have gone into choreographing this piece, even down to the smallest rippling movements of the body and facial expressions. The performance is filled with such subtleties.

    "Part of what I'm trying to do in the choreography is to touch the hearts and imagination of people," Nichol confides. "That's what Michelle is trying to do, too. We're trying to give a gift to the people who are watching. And if, in the process, we're able to attract attention and focus upon a culture such as Azerbaijan's that is relatively unknown, because of our choice of music, well, then, that's an added bonus!
    And it got me thinking about programs (both competitive and exhibitions) that are meant to be artistically well-constructed, tell a story, etc.

    Now, I don't necessarily mean programs that have scored the most 6.0s or highest scores (MK got a 6.0 for presentation at 2003 Worlds for her long program, but let's face it; "Aranjuez" wasn't exactly brilliant in terms of choreography)-- but "what makes a well-constructed program, in terms of aesthetic principles".

    Some of my favorites:
    ~ Michelle Kwan - 1995-1996 LP - Salome (Lori Nichol)
    ~ Lu Chen - 1995-1996 SP - Spring Breeze (Sandra Bezic)
    ~ Sasha Cohen - 2005-2006 LP - Romeo & Juliet (David Wilson)
    ~ Phillipe Candeloro - 1997-1998 LP - D'Artagnan (Natacha Dabadie?)
    ~ Mao Asada - 2010-2011 EX - Ballade No. 1 (Tatiana Tarasova)
    ~ Alissa Czisny - 2011-2012 SP - La vie en rose (Yuka Sato, Pasquale Camerlengo)

    ~Bonus: The beginnings of a flirtatious Daisuke Takahashi
    (2003-2004 SP - Nyah - Tatiana Tarasova)

    What do you guys think? What do you think makes a balanced and well-constructed program and who are some of the best choreographers in the world?
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