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Thread: Programs with the best Choreography?

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    Quote Originally Posted by snejina View Post
    Ilinykh Katsalapov - 2010 Jrs Worlds Shindler's List
    and 2011 Don Quixote FD (when they trained with Zhulin their programs were far better choreographed)

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    Matt Savoie, short program choreographed by Tom Dickson!
    Still gives me chills!

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    Thank you for reminding me of the Matt Savoie short. Just beautiful. You want transitions? You want difficult and interesting entries into jumps? He's got 'em. And to *start* a program off with a spin? Oh just lovely.

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    I just love so much of Mao's program. She looks stunning in the white dress! I can just watch it all day long! Such elegance and lightness and great lines of a balerina.
    Quote Originally Posted by aftertherain View Post
    I recently came across this article from 1996:

    Michelle Kwan: World Champion Skates to Azerbaijani Symphonic Music

    And it got me thinking about programs (both competitive and exhibitions) that are meant to be artistically well-constructed, tell a story, etc.

    Now, I don't necessarily mean programs that have scored the most 6.0s or highest scores (MK got a 6.0 for presentation at 2003 Worlds for her long program, but let's face it; "Aranjuez" wasn't exactly brilliant in terms of choreography)-- but "what makes a well-constructed program, in terms of aesthetic principles".

    Some of my favorites:
    ~ Michelle Kwan - 1995-1996 LP - Salome (Lori Nichol)
    ~ Lu Chen - 1995-1996 SP - Spring Breeze (Sandra Bezic)
    ~ Sasha Cohen - 2005-2006 LP - Romeo & Juliet (David Wilson)
    ~ Phillipe Candeloro - 1997-1998 LP - D'Artagnan (Natacha Dabadie?)
    ~ Mao Asada - 2010-2011 EX - Ballade No. 1 (Tatiana Tarasova)
    ~ Alissa Czisny - 2011-2012 SP - La vie en rose (Yuka Sato, Pasquale Camerlengo)

    ~Bonus: The beginnings of a flirtatious Daisuke Takahashi
    (2003-2004 SP - Nyah - Tatiana Tarasova)

    What do you guys think? What do you think makes a balanced and well-constructed program and who are some of the best choreographers in the world?

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