Not sure if this has been discussed elsewhere as I haven't been on here in a while, but this has been something I have been wondering about lately with all the skaters retiring after 2014.

Ashley has been on a roll the past couple seasons. She is 21 now I believe (becoming a veteran) and will be 22 (almost 23) by the time the Olympics roll around. Do you think she will retire after 2014 whether she makes it or not? It's kind of a toss-up in my opinion...she could want to continue her success with Mr. Nicks and maybe take another shot at 2018 or could call it a career since she would start to get up in age.

I don't see Alissa staying until 2014 at all, especially after her disastrous season she had last year. I don't see her coming back in top form like in 2010-2011, having an injury and still recovering from surgery. If she does come back strong at nationals as much as I would love to see her do so, i hope she places 3rd-ish and not in the top 2. As horrible as that sounds to me being a huge fan of hers (I have a silhouette of her layback tattooed on my back with the words "make it happen" as a symbol of my love of skating and she is also my role model), we can't afford to take the chance. I would be surprised if she even decides to compete next season.

I don't see Caroline continuing much longer either. She has improved but her programs aren't able to compete with the top skaters, especially looking at her GP results this year. I see her placing in the top 6 or so with a couple of clean or very good skates, but I don't think we'll see her to 2014. Whenever she decides to retire, I will miss her spins dearly along with alissa's (no more beautiful laybacks )

I think Mirai will stick around for next season. She's off to a good start this year and I see a little bit of that spark back in her. The coaching change did her good IMO especially without a far drive. I think she will place in the top 4 at nats in a few weeks.

I know a lot of people want to see Rachael retire, and as big of a fan of hers I am I agree that it's time. She is no longer a skater who is also a student, but a student who skates. I miss the old Rachael so much and I don't think we'll ever get that back especially with her decision to skip nats this year and focus on school work. She doesn't remotely have a chance to get to the olympics again. i think she'll call it a career in a few months IMO.

Christina has had a lot of success and breakthrough performances this year and I think she'll stay another season or two although I don't think she has a chance at the olys. She's young still and still has time.

Any other US ladies skaters you think will be gone in the next year or so? Opinions?