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Mao doesn't need 5 clean triples. That's too many. Like 2 or 3.
No, I seriously doubt 3 triples will hold her up at worlds. The reason she got away with it so far this season is b/c of the skaters she was up against. Lipniskaya is a newcomer and the rest of her skating doesn't measure up to Mao's; plus she didn't skate all that cleanly at COC herself. The judges gave Mao the win and I agreed with that. For whatever reason the judges don't seem to like to give Akiko her due so at NHK (home field advantage) the #1 Japanese lady was held up to win. The GPF was a bit of a splatfest with both Ashley and Akiko falling twice. Mao didn't have a lot of ratified triples but she was the clear winner that night.

But against Yu-Na and Carolina she won't be able to get by with so few triple jumps. If Ashley has a stellar performance she'll beat Mao as well. The level of competition will be much higher at worlds so Mao will have to deliver in order to win or place well.