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Thread: Bobrova and Soloviev continue to impress

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    Bobrova and Soloviev continue to impress

    The ice dancers continue to impress with the understated quality of their skating. The team, which is famous for their elaborate and theatrical dances and outfits, reinvented themselves after they switched to Alexander Zhulin last summer. They got rid of nearly all adornments and allowed their skating to speak for itself. The outcome is nothing short of astonishing.
    More from the Short Dance at Russian Nationals

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    Both I and K and B and S really have worked hard to improve their free dance but both have problems with the Polka and levels in the SD. They can't afford to lose levels to compete aganisnt the FRench and Italians - it is a given they cannot and will not touch Davis and White or even Virtue and Moir Looks like Davis and White have it under control and V and M should hold off the French for this year.

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