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I don't disagree that bronze is probably the best Plushy could do at Sochi, but does he agree? I don't think he will come back at all if he doesn't think he can win the gold medal He already has the gold, more medals are meaningless for him unless he wins another gold. I personally think Plushy will retire after Europeans--but we shall see.
Well you could be right, and I have often said I wouldnt be surprised if his comeback is just limited to domestic (Russian) and European competitions only. Which is perfectly fine, he obviously is still competitive there. It is all his choice obviously. All that said I cant imagine he is so delusional to think if he does show up at the Sochi Olympics it is the same situation as Vancouver even, let alone Turin, and that if he somehow snuck onto the podium and won a bronze medal he would throw another hissy fit similar to Vancouver. If he does show up it probably does mean he has some belief, but I am sure he would also know he definitely isnt the favorite this time.