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Thread: Plushenko wins tenth title at Russian Nationals

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    Gachinskis bronze was based entirely on his Tes. like Meisners world title. Obviously they both had excellent placement in the starting orders so the pcs was in a good corridor. For gachinski he was in the last group. So even though his sp pcs was 9th in the sp it was from being in the last group if he wasn't the pcs probably wouldnt have even been 9th more like 15 to 20 but his Tes was faultless in that comp and also really at 2012 euros. His pcs was never impressive when he did well and before it was on the verge of being over.

    And menshov was 2011 Russian champion and went to euros so "never heard of" certainly doesn't apply in Russia and So he's not like a big name even on message boards a lot of the time he won the title in between plushenkos wins and beat people considered better like voronov and gachinski.
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