I was wow-ing with the crowd the moment Nadia01 provided the first YouTube link-- just wow! The opening combination-- I was so scared something like the SP warm-up would happen again, but it didn't! The rest of the program was pretty much squeaky clean. At one point, I thought she wasn't going to hold on to the triple salchow (KBS camera angle made the landing look a bit harsh), but then she tacked on a double toe to it and I was like, ! And if she accidentally did her SP ending combination spin, I honestly hadn't noticed. She definitely still has much to improve, I am very happy she did so well!

(It's funny how all the judges gave her 9.00+ on PCS except one, who gave her all < 9.00.)

With that said, I still find it hard to like "Kiss of the Vampire" and "Les Miserables". Something about the construction and the choreography of those programs doesn't sit quite well with me.

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I'm hoping for a good fancam. The commentators and all the camera shutters constantly going off are just annoying and distracting. Anyways, what fine performance.
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They were even more annoying during warmup, and if you understand them, the annoying factor goes up by about 100x
Official SBS (not KBS) Broadcast: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xD-wL...&feature=share
(Good quality, NO annoying commentators, and a more flattering angle of the choreographed spiral than the KBS broadcast.)

And look at this little gem I found on Yuna's official Facebook page: