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Ando also was a world champion. Sure it would make sense for leonova to stop doing 3/3's but now she has no opportunity to do that! The Russian federation is very mistakenly sending girls who do hard jumps but have terrible pcs like tuktamisheva. Tuk will be lucky to get 55 in pcs when she needs near 70 in pcs to do well. Leonova at least has much better pcs and that is what the ladies event is about.
I wasn't a fan of Liza before (still not a huge fan) but I think the days of her getting low PCS are numbered. Her improvement in presentation is noticeable and I think she is fully capable of finishing in the top 6 or so. A relatively clean Adelina or Alena would certainly get Russia 3 spots for next year. I really think they have to send Leonova to Worlds because she is the 3rd best option for that last spot.