Hanyu winning bronze at Worlds and setting a WR with his new SP
The return of the Queen
Wagner's rise to the top
Kostner finally winning Worlds
Gede medalling at Euros (and bringing back the 3lz-3t
Kozuka's return to form
Gold and Farris skating so well at JWC
Farris landing such a beauty of a 4t at JGP Lake Placid
Anna Pogorilaya coming out of nowhere
Miller winning silver at the JGPF
Joubert skating out of his skin at Worlds
Korobeynikova's glorious Euros FS
Gao's break out season, especially her SA programs
Asada's Swan Lake FS and return to dominance
Fernandez beating Chan at SC and winning/landing 3 quads in his FS at GPF
Takahashi winning WTT and the GPF
Plushenko being an amazing robot
B&S going to Zhulin and getting good programs
Boyang Jin - the amazing little jumping bean
Nathan Chen's JGP debut and Nationals (junior) win
The return of Tuktamysheva, especially her Nationals victory
Katelyn Osmond - sorry, I like her and hope she continues to do well
The amazing ladies FS event at the JGPF


Czisny's Worlds meltdown
Korobeynikova's Worlds meltdown and general decline this season
Richard Dornbush's consistency issues
Verner's sad decline
Abbott's continued headcase-y-ness
I&K's awful FD
Johnny Weir's failed comeback
Nan Song's injury/decline
Kexin Zhang's injury/retirement
Han Yan not making JGPF
Farris's meltdown at Nationals
Kanako Murakami's UR problems
Sotnikova's inconsistency and meltdowns
MBM/B and T/T breakups
John Coughlin's injury/surgery
Fernandez bombing Euros and Worlds after doing so well otherwise
Gatchinski's confidence/injury issues
Lipnitskaya's injury and withdrawing from GPF and Nationals
Nagasu's meltdown at Nationals
The ladies FS at the GPF being a bit of a splatfest