Unless Meryl and Charlie forget to show up, they'll win their 5th title. But what does everyone think the rest of the podium will look like?

I think the Shibs will hold on to 2nd place. Even during their off competition, they still outscored the other U.S teams, besides D&W of course. I think the real battle will be again for bronze and the 3rd world spot. IMO,I really think C&B could take it. They have great programs and seem really prepared this year. I'm not feeling H/D's programs this year and would actually be surprised to see them in 3rd. As for K/G-S, I don't think they will make the podium. I like them but their dances are weak this year, especially their FD. All their FD's are starting to look the same to me both elements wise and music wise.

My predictions: