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Really? I think it'll be harder to get three spots this year than last year or the year prior, actually.

1. The first members of Russia's baby brigade are finally eligible for worlds. Leonova and Marakova were able to get three spots!!! With Sotnikova and Tuktamisheva, it should be at least equally easy for them.

2. Canada's lady definitely lacks experience. But a top ten spot is certainly within the realm of possibility.

3. Meanwhile, so many other skaters are fighting here. Korpi, Suzuki, Asada, Murakami, Kim, Kostner, Zijun Li, Mae Berenice Maete.... all have the ability to skate well enough to make it difficult for two ladies to earn that third spot. THAT stated, Wagner's best score along with Gao/Nagasu/Gold would be enough to get the third spot. But it would be a get, and would suggest that the two Americans skated at or above par.

4. I'd argue that the seismic shifts that took place in pairs means that it's the easiest discipline for any nation with two slots to earn a third one (four of the top 12 have either split up or been injured; five if you include Dube/Wolfe who've been question marks)
I will put it as simply as possible. If Wagner skates very well she will place no lower than 4th. Suzuki wont beat her if she skates to her potential, and certainly none of the up and comers.

The 2nd U.S lady will definitely place atleast 9th (probably higher) if she has a decent competition, especialy if that is Gold or Nagasu. If they dont it means they skated poorly and didnt do their job. There is no way the ladies competition is going to be such a barnburner than the 2nd U.S skater wont easily be ensured top 10 with a good competition.

So unless one of the U.S ladies does not do what they should do, which is skate even reasonably well, the U.S will regain 3 spots, no question.