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What a mess, I mean your analysis. Wagner will not be able to medal. She's not going to beat Kostner, Kim, Asada based on their performances this season. Wagner's trump card is her so-called 'consistency'. It is already running out of steam. Suzuki will likely beat Wagner as well.
I'd say Ashley has a shot. Kim will be tough to beat with her content. Carolina will outrank her on PCS, as will Asada, but I think Ashley has a better shot of beat either of them. Ashley and Mao were virtually tied in the SP at GPF. The errors in the FS cost her about 12 points (BV in 3S, 2A, plus a level in steps as she clearly had a tough time after that horrid 2A fall and fall deductions). She would have been striking distance of Mao. And she still has points left on the table with her spin levels -- she's capable of level 4s.

So far Wagner is 2-0 to Suzuki, so take that for what it's worth.