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True, thank goodness she did. 6.0 or COP it's still astonishing what she did. Of course, I knew she would win if she skated well ... but I was still on the edge of my seat to see if she would and just crossing my fingers that she wouldn't have some shocking implosion. I still felt like I needed a drink to get me through her LP

1998 and 2002 were more emotional for me because, well, Michelle Kwan was there and other US ladies I was attached to and because the competition was closer. But in 2010 the excitment came from the expecation that you were going to see one of the greatest Olympic performances ever - and that happened. It was almost superhuman.
That's a great way to put it. I think that's what I was feeling as well. So often in the Olympics, even the winner doesn't do well. It's a tremendously pressurized situation, and often everyone either falls short (or falls!) or backs off a bit. So even a foregone winner might not give a satisfying performance. That LP night in Vancouver, YuNa gave a completely satisfying performance. Her jumps weren't just okay; they were at their best. Her moves were smooth and clean. Even better, so were almost everyone else's. The entire top six did themselves proud. Definitely a night I wouldn't have wanted to miss.