I'm watching the start of the food show. So far it's hard to tell if anyone's any good, because the cooking hasn't started. Johnny is rather on the boastful side, but it remains to be seen if he can put his money where his sequins are. (Yes, he has on sequins. He even has sequinned shoes.) He sounds as if he could be knowledgeable. So far the two who give me the most hope for excellence are Dean McDermott (a surprisingly calm, warm guy who is Tori Spelling's husband and her costar on a reality show), Kathy Najimy, Chilli (a singer from the group TLC), and possibly Carnie Wilson of Wilson Phillips. The two I understand least as contestants are socialite Cornelia Guest (interestingly, a vegetarian, and so far she looks as if she knows how to chop vegetables, which argues some kitchen experience) and Gilbert Gottfried, who can't even think of anything to cook.

Earlier today, I watched some of the reruns of the previous season's shows, and the guy who knocked me out was Lou Diamond Phillips. What a great competitor and a splendid cook he was. He's confident without being boastful, precise without being inflexible or uptight, and resourceful without being mentally fragmented. And he's so pleasant to watch and listen to! I've always liked him, and now I admire him even more. He's gone onto my list of celebrities I'd like to meet. (Not ahead of Kurt, Daisuke, or Michelle, of course!)