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Thread: The Best of Dick Button's Commentary

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    The Best of Dick Button's Commentary

    For any American viewer who began watching skating on TV prior to 2008, you should be familiar with this man. Together, with Peggy Fleming and Terry Gannon ... oh man, the memories.

    Anyway, I found these little gems (montages?) while I was roaming the plains of YouTube:

    1. "Dick Button: The Gold Standard" - In which some of "Uncle Dick's" sarcasm and disdain for some skaters or their skating from programs over the years (about 1990-2007) is highlighted-- Yuna and Plushy are talked about; and no one, not even his favorite Michelle Kwan, is spared.
    (Some posters might find his remarks a bit "pretentious" when talking about their favorite skaters, but I honestly think they're all hilarious.)

    2. The Dick Button Seal of Approval - In which Mr. Button, two-time Olympic gold medalist, shows his love for skaters and/or their skating-- sometimes by yelling out his excitement.
    (Volume is unstable-- if you're wearing headphones, watch your ears!)

    Ah, I miss Mr. Button.

    --What are some of your favorite "Button-isms" that aren't included in the video?
    --What are some other ridiculous/funny things other commentators have said?

    One of mine is this one from Tonya Harding's 1993 Nationals LP -- "And this move, the Harding spin; it's sort of a cross between a Hamill Camel and a little tipsy skater!"
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