Basing on the ISU rules, I tried to calculate the countries that are at the moment qualified for the WTT (the top 6 in the world can go there), and this is the result:
1) USA: 5008 points
2) Russia: 4775 points
3) Japan: 4750 points
4) Canada: 4436 points
5) France: 3210 points
6) China: 3145 points
Italy qualified last year but this year we have just 1991 points for now, because we didn't have any man competing in the GP and just one useful result in the JGP (Antonio Panfili's 108 points), and Kostner wasn't competing, too... Japan suffered because of T/T's retirement, so they have no points for the Pairs, and France has just Meite's results that are considerable for the Ladies, because of Silete's injury. It's too bad that the Senior B results are not included, but I guess that a lot of small countries would have a lot of points for winning in small events, so it's fair.
(There may be some mistakes, please if you calculate the results and you obtain different scores, correct me!)