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Thread: 2013 Cup of Berlin

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    2013 Cup of Berlin

    18-19 Jan, 2013 in Berlin, Germany


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    Result Page

    Finnish teams won novice, junior and senior categories. Expecially Team Unique, who won, will make rest of the season really interesting, since they haven't been qualified to Worlds for last couple of seasons at all. Here they won the other finnish team Rockettes, who represented Finland last year with Marigold IceUnity, and both of those teams have won worlds three times. Maybe this year it's Unique's turn!
    German teams have improved also a lot, Skating Graces will be a threat to Team Berlin 1 in the future. Overall the Senior competition was a battle between the finnish teams, French Cup next week will be much tougher, almost like pre-Worlds with all three finnish teams, Haydenettes from USA, Paradise from Russia and Nexxice from Canada! Only Team Surprise from Sweden is missing...

    Junior teams are really strong too. Team Fintastic has won Junior Challenge Cup I think 7 times? They were unbeatable in Berlin.

    Here are Videos from the Competiton, Top 4 seniors:

    Team Unique's SP theme: TU Flow
    Rockettes' SP theme: She Devil
    Team Berlin 1's SP
    Revolutions' SP

    Team Unique's LP, theme: Living proof
    Rockettes' LP, theme: Illusion
    Revolutions' LP , theme: Wolf
    Team Berlin 1's LP, theme: Totem

    Juniors top 3:
    Team Fintastic's LP. Theme: Winter
    Nexxice's LP, theme: something to do with water?
    Reflections' LP, theme: Birth of the World?

    Novice winner:
    Dream Steps FIN, theme: Horror Mansion
    All the other videos( novice, junior and senior) can be found from the same channel!
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    Youtube links! thank you. I have been tied up with US Nationals, but I want to see these

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