Confession time. I do not make a habit of watching something more than once, don't know why but I feel that once I've seen it, I've seen it. I do, however make a few exceptions. Anything with Fred Astaire because I see something new every time in his dancing.
There is one movie that I have watched several times. I can feel the cringes...
I love the humour, the performances of Shia Le Boeuf and Megan Fox in what could have been lousy roles but most of all, I am fascinated by how the robots "transform" and how they move like hockey players. My husband and friends don't get it!
Olympia, if you're a Judy Garland fan, watch her in "Pigskin Parade" her first movie. It's hilarious; she wants to sing and nobody wqants to listen to her! The movie is classic something, but I'm not sure what!