If what has been speculated is confirmed, then the hip dislocated and required emergency surgery to put it back in place. Whether there is damage to ligaments, tendons, the cartilage or the labrum is unknown.

How does this take place? Well it is not hard to imagine that landing a jump under rotated and twisting around on the hip and leg to get it all the way around and not fall can do this, especially if it is a common occurrence in practices and program.

I do not understand the plan of AC and her coaches to return to competition and training of jumps that she does not do well, and returning to all the different triples. She also returned to bad technique. The 3 flip she does always gets an edge call and UR most of the time. UR stresses the hip. DO NOT DO IT until she is fully recovered, if ever again. If salcow bothers the hip, leave that out too. I also never understood AC never doubling jumps that will never be rotated as triples. If not enough speed, height and distance - she should double it. She never does. She URs and falls down.

Her hip can't take it anymore. I do not fully understand the choices made in her training obviously risky items and rushing to return with all the jumps, spins and steps. I think it would have been ok to return with less difficulty and retained quality, just like Kostner has done. It seems she avoided knee surgery all together by giving up the lutz and flip for a long time, then adding back only one per event, the flip. It seems AC rushed back and was reinsured by UR a jump she never did very well.

I hope she will recover fully. It is heartbreaking.