If you are going to Nats and it was like last year, they will have David Kirby doing the technical commentary on the tech channel on the bug during seniors. This guy is fantastic. You will learn in real time exactly what is going right and wrong and what the judges are looking for. Between skates, he is very entertaining and takes texted questions...(who pays for the music and how much skin can a lady show ) he is one of the very few people that decide ISU technical rules. He taught me exactly how much I dont know about ice dancing scoring. I turn him off during my favorite skaters but put him on during the others....and he will have special guests work with him.

He is also a dark horse for the next ISU president.

"David Kirby has followed a different path to influence within the ISU. His parents were Canadian champions and his father show skated with Sonia Henie. Kirby is a former competitive skater in the U.S. and skated as a professional in Ice Capades. He is a rink owner and coach and has served as PSA President. He has been intimately involved in the development of IJS on the technical panel side since the inception of IJS, and is currently a member of the Singles and Pairs Technical Committee. Kirby currently seems to be devoting most of his time to the ISU. When he is not globe trotting the world giving seminars we see him at just about every major ISU event in some capacity. His status as a coach raises some issues, but one should remember that Gailhaget was at one time a coach.

By our observation only, Kirby acts like a man who is semi-retired and looking for a new challenge. As a former skater, someone with management experience in a international skating organization and wide experience with the business of skating at the grass roots level he potentially offers a new and different perspective that would benefit the ISU as it seeks to restore interest and participation in skating."