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Thread: Bolshoi ballet director attacked w/ acid

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    Bolshoi ballet director attacked w/ acid

    Bolshoi ballet director Sergei Filin attacked with acid
    By Kathy Lally, Friday, January 18, 9:56 AM


    Iksanaov [the Bolshoi's director] said there was grave concern that Filin [the artistic director] might lose his sight, especially in one eye.

    Katerina Novikova, press secretary for the Bolshoi, said that Filin had been repeatedly threatened in recent days. His tires had been slashed several times, his Facebook page was hacked and he had received ominous telephone calls.

    “I am 100 percent confident that it is linked to his work,” Iksanov said on Russian television. “He is a man of principle and he has never made concessions. If he believed that a specific artist is not ready or not capable of performing a specific role, he declined him.”

    Someone, he said, wanted to set different parts of the company against each other.


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    oh, my lord....what a dreadful thing

    There are people in this world for which every disagreement against them seems to be a hanging offense.

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    That is horrible!

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