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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziggy View Post

    Well it's true so deal with it. ;P
    Essentially this though I wouldn't have quite put it that way. Especially with D/C out, the quality of the top 2 US pairs teams who will compete (and who number 2 will be is a huge question IMO) is nowhere near the quality of D/R and MTM. I don't think that's offensive to say, personally. I think the same could be said but in reverse about the ladies competition (though USA and Canada have a similar amount of ladies skaters so it's not a perfect analogy). Canada (while they do have a firecracker in Osmond) has nowhere near the quality of US ladies generally right now IMO (though who will rock it on any given night in the USA can be unclear).

    I mean this in the least abrasive way possible, but if you think C/S and whoever US team 2 is are in anywhere near the same league as D/R or MTM, I believe that to be objectively wrong. That does not mean there is nothing to enjoy about US pairs skating or that it is not fun to watch and worth watching. It just means MTM and D/R (and IMO even L/S) are currently better than the current crop of US pairs.

    Also, I am an American.
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