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Abbott if he skates well. Miner if Abbott doesnt. Pretty simple, has been that way for 2 months atleast now.
Unless Dornbush if Abbott doesn't skate well and Dornbush does. I tend to think clean Dornbush > clean Miner, at least at US Nats, but the odds of Dornbush going clean or close to it are much lower than that of Miner at this point, so I do agree that is the most likely outcome.

As for Farris, I think he could maybe sneak onto the podium in 3rd or 4th place, but I don't think he'll win, PCS inflation I agree won't be as great for him as some others most likely, I think because USFS wants him for 2018, though maybe they'd be open to consider him for 2014 as well now that Evan and Johnny are likely to be non-factors, and especially if there were 3 spots on the team as he's probably a good candidate for a 3rd team member as a young up and comer. I think most likely USFS wants him at JW though, meaning I think the highest he'd place is 3rd, in which case maybe he'd do 4CC and JW or something.

Basically all I'm fairly certain of at this point is that Abbott and Miner will be on the podium somewhere. I'm not sure who will join them or what exact places they'll finish, but that's all I can really assume at this point. Dornbush, Aaron, Messing, Mahbanozadeh Farris, maybe Rippon and Brown, or even Carriere or Razzano, could join them on the podium but it's a tough call.