to Mr. Ski, as well as to Mr. Pell. Semper paratus.

I would prefer to think that Pell's already-sizable fan club now has grown even larger as Johnnies-come-lately who admire his wife have jumped on the Pell bandwagon.
I suspect that the founding members of his fan club would be a long list of those who have known him from his schooling, public service, and professional activities well before he met and married his distinguished bride.
Kwan herself surely is President of the club -- who fell for Pell (sorry, couldn't resist the rhyme ) as they competed for White House fellowships. She lost the fellowship, but gained her future husband.

Agree that Hamill was absolutely glowing at the wedding. Have not seen the photo in People, but in one of the online pics posted somewhere, her loveliness really stood out (without upstaging Kwan, of course).