Having seem MTM I am okay with the result too. While the preformance deeply moved me, they had an error on the second throw and easier tech content, and while I'd have had them a bit higher ahead of D/R on PCS than the judges placed them I don't think the result was unfair. I do think it's fairly clear that IF they could up the tech content very slightly, and continue to skate clean (perhaps even just the second one), they would be ahead of D/R generally.

I will say I am impressed with D/R having watched the video of MTM. R was clapping for them at the end, which I 1) though was gracious of him generally and 2)think means that he and Megan were, definitely, aware of how well they did, not just ignoring them as best they could which makes their FS under pressure more impressive (IMO).

Canada is blessed with 2 great pairs teams. I can see either getting a medal at worlds with a clean skate and the slightest bit of luck.