I wonder who they will send in the ladies for 4CC ?

I would like to see this team for 4CC, I think it would be politically correct if we send everyone in the next ISU championships so,

I would suggest this :

4CC : Kaetlyn Osmond, Amélie Lacoste and Veronik Mallet
Junior Worlds : Gabrielle Daleman and Alaine Chartrand
Worlds championships : Kaetlyn Osmond

For the men, I think they should send the boys 3 to 5 at 4CC and the one who will have the minimum technical score for the sp and lp should go to Worlds championships. (And if more than 2 boys success the minimum technical score at 4CC, they should take the one who have earn the best ranking at nationals)

So here is the team that I would like to see:

4CC: Andrei Rogozine, Elladj Balde and Liam Firus
Junior Worlds: Nam Nguyen
Worlds championships: Patrick Chan, Kevin Reynolds and (one boys from 4CC)

What are your thought about that