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    Movies you can't sit through

    From a comment in the Golden Globes thread, I got to thinking about movies that I had a really had a hard time watching, although I know other people really enjoyed them and some of them I actually enjoyed when viewing a 2nd time.

    Great Balls of Fire starring Dennis Quaid. It was a 1st date movie - nothing else was out in theaters at the time. My date and I walked out because neither of us was enjoying the movie and continued our date elsewhere.

    Resident Evil. I would've walked out, but I didn't have my own car; so, I was stuck in the theater. It didn't help that the lady next to me had bad breath and talked to her friend through the previews and the 1st 10 minutes of the movie. However, I still don't find the movie entertaining.

    The Last Emporer. When I saw this movie in the theater, I got a bit squirmy because of the length of the film and the crowded room. I found that I enjoyed the movie a great deal more in the comfort of my home.

    Blade Runner starring Harrison Ford. I think it was a bit too sci-fi for me that night. Enjoyed it more the 2nd time around.

    Not trying to be negative, but just curious about people's dislkes as compared to the general public.

    LOL - I guess it's all a matter of taste. One of my co-workers hated Titanic - he only wanted to see the ship sink and didn't count on getting a romance 'period' piece. Obviously, a lot of other people loved it based up box office, repeat viewers, awards, etc.
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