Which international skating stars will retire and which will go on past 2014. This will be a good prediction thread to return too. Here are mine:


Volosozhar & Trankov- go on past 2014. Go on to 2018 if they dont win Oly Gold in 2014, if they do might not go all the way to 2018.
Savchenko & Szolkowy- done after 2014, Oly Gold or not.
Barazova & Larionov- go on past 2014, probably to 2018.
Kavaguti & Smirnov- she is done after 2014, he might continue with new partner.
Duhamel & Radford- will continue to 2018.
Moore-Towers & Moscovitch- will continue past 2014, not sure until 2018 or not.
Denney & Coughlin- unfortunately will probably continue until 2018, unless their personal relationship goes south.
Pang & Tong- done after 2014.
Hui & San- break up soon after 2014 due to height problems.


Chan- done after 2014, win or lose.
Hanyu- stays until 2018.
Takahashi- done after 2014, Oly Gold or not.
Lysacek- done after 2014 (well already done really)
Weir- ditto Lysacek.
Plushenko- done after Sochi Olympics for sure.
Abbott- might continue past 2014, but probably not until 2018. Might try and scalp a world medal in weakish field if he doesnt have one yet.
Miner and Dornbush- staying until 2018.
Reynolds- staying past 2014 to try and see what he can do as Canada's #1 with Chan gone, but probably wont stay until 2018.
Joubert- done after 2014.
Fernandez- going until 2018.
Kozuka- will go past 2018, but maybe not until 2018.
Oda- done after 2014.
Mura and Machida- going until 2018 (Mura possibly longer).


Virtue & Moir- done after 2014.
Davis & White- done after 2014.
Pechelat & Bourzat- done after 2014.
Bobrova & Soloviev- staying until 2018.
Shibutanis- staying until 2018.
Weaver & Poje- staying until 2018
Gilles & Poirier- staying until 2018.
Capellina & Lanotte- done after 2014.


Kim- done after 2014.
Asada- done after 2014.
Kostner- done after 2014.
Wagner- staying past 2014, might or might not stay until 2018.
Nagasu- done after 2014.
Gold- staying until 2018.
Osmond- staying until 2018.
Suzuki- done after 2014.