I could see D&W possibly staying past 2014, maybe even until 2018, especialy if they dont win Oly Gold in 2014. I did predict them retiring, but it wouldnt shock me if they continued on either. They would be under no threat for the U.S number 1 spot IMO, I really think the Shibutanis have already peaked and wont ever reach the top 3 or 4 in the World again. D&W would still be taking a risk continuing though, the judges might get tired of them being on top so long and start to push some of the younger teams, especialy the Russians, over them. No way do I see V&M continuing past 2014. They even talked about not continuing past 2010 or until 2014 at one point, Tessa has a long history of leg problems, and no matter what they have already won the Olympics and all there is to win.