I worry about Chen. He's such a workhorse, and as they mentioned in the icenetwork article, when you train that hard, injuries happen. And he's just so little. I know he'll grow eventually, and I'm really proud he didn't withdraw and fought through everything, but he's just awfully young to be training that hard. At least this experience will help alleviate some of the pressure. He has so much to offer to the sport I just hope he can stay healthy through these tough teen years. Zhou too is a phenom, but again so young. He'll likely have a rough year down the road, seems like it happens to most skaters at some point or another. It will be interesting to see the little guys grow up. I hope Vincent doesn't push himself too hard where he's still got a year and a half to go before he's old enough for even JGP!

I liked Omori's fight. He'll most likely be going to Junior Worlds I presume, and I think he could do well there too. Lots to admire about his skating, very organic lines and understated elegance. He's a little awkward and gangly for now but I think he could be great once he adjusts to his long limbs and gains more control over his nerves. He kind of resembles Hanyu physically and in some of the movements. Hope he can build on this.