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When I saw that we now have a thread about the sexiest programmes ( http://www.goldenskate.com/forum/showthread.php?39719 ), it reminded me about this comment that I wrote after the Cup of Russia, BACK IN NOVEMBER(!!!), but forgot to actually post. Oops!!!

Right, here are the first 10 names that came into my head, in the order they came into my head! Which probably says something in itself!

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva: I am totally smitten!
Carolina Kostner: Well, she is the reason I fell in love with skating.
Akiko Suzuki: Still can't believe that she's older than me - she looks so young! And her playful personality makes her even more beautiful!
Alena Leonova: Talk about a body to die for!!!
Nathalie Péchalat: She may be one of the older skaters now, but she still exudes sexiness!
Elena Ilynikh: When you put aside my personal tastes and biases, Elena is without doubt the most beautiful skater on the circuit. What I want to know is: are all Kazakh girls this stunning???!!!
Kiira Korpi: A very beautiful girl, but an even more beautiful skater.
Kim Yu-Na: OK, so she may be far too cocky for my liking, but boys she is beautiful! And, like Kiira, she is even more beautiful as a skater.
Mao Asada: While Yu-Na wins on the sheer beauty stakes, there is one factor that Mao has that Yu-Na never will - cuteness!
Katy Perry (Sorry Tessa, I couldn't resist!): Come on, how could you not include Tessa Virtue in this sort of list?! She is the best Katy Perry lookalike that I have ever seen!

To be honest, I could have made a very long list, as there are so many pretty skaters about. Like, I could have included:

Practically all the Oriental girls (I have always had a thing for Oriental girls… But, some of the younger Chinese girls look ridiculously young, so that is why I have not said "all the Oriental girls");
Practically all the Russian girls (sorry Julia, but you're still too young. But all the older Russian girls could have been on it…);
All the Italian girls (see my comment for Anna Cappellini, below);
Most of the French girls (well, I do have Huguenot blood deep within me…)
Most of the North American girls

But, so that the list doesn't go on forever, I have instead selected 13 that I wanted to make specific comments about!

Adelina Sotnikova: I know I've been complaining about her wearing revealing outfits at her age. But, the reason I am so concerned is because she is growing up to be a wee stunner!
Ashley Wagner: A beautiful girl to start with, but the way she is always so happy is infectious. You can't help but smile when she appears!
Vera Bazarova: Very beautiful, but she really needs a good feed. That sort of figure is fine for a girl of 14 or 15, but on a 19 year-old, it just does not look healthy.
Ekaterina Pushkash: As beautiful as Bazarova, but without looking skinny.
Ekaterina Riazanova: Although Ekaterina was quite pretty when I first saw her back in 2009, I never dreamt she would grow up to be as stunningly beautiful as she is now!!!
Vanessa James: OK, so I do tend to find black girls attractive. But this one is particularly nice!
Eliška Březinová: To be honest, I'm biased because I've always had a soft spot for Czechs and I'm a fan of her brother. But, she is a beautiful wee girl!
Valentina Marchei: Is it just me, or does Valentina look a bit like Carolina?
Anna Cappellini: There's just something about Italian girls, and boys but Anna has it!
Anastasia Martiusheva: A very pretty wee girl, but she would be even more beautiful if only she knew how to smile! I first noticed it on her Facebook photos, but now Simon Reed has pointed it out while commentating on the Cup Of Russia.
Daria Popova: I know Daria is very good at the sultry look (just see her modelling photos) but, like Anastasia, she would be even more beautiful if she just smiled more. But, unlike Anastasia, at least I know Daria can smile!
Gracie Gold: Never heard tell of her until Skate Canada, but she really impressed me. She's a wee stunner, and a very good skater. One to watch for the future.
Agnes Zawadzki: Same as Gracie, really. Except, that it was the Cup Of Russia that I first saw her, of course!