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If I may put in a good word for Katia Gordeyeva, beautiful at each stage of life.

Also Mao Asada, Alissa Czisny, Amanda Evora, Surya Bonaly (one of skating's great smiles) and Michelle Kwan.

(I know we're talking nowadays, but Gordeyeva still skates, and Kwan is not exactly hiding away out of sight. So there.)

If we look at our lists, it's marvelous to realize how diverse-looking these ladies are. There isn't one type. Nothing against Miss America, but half the time I can't tell the contestants apart. There's no mistaking one skater for another, and yet all of them that we've mentioned (and many that we haven't so far) are gorgeous.

I'm not sure I would call Meryl Davis a Disney princess. I understand the thought, because there's something magical about the way she looks, but I think her face is far more intriguing than any animated character could ever be. I often put her at the top of my list, because she's so unique and magnetic. The best way I can express it is that I could have imagined a face like Kiira Korpi's without ever having seen her, because she has that ideal, classically proportioned, cool blonde beauty, like Grace Kelly. But I could never have imagined Meryl Davis's face for myself. The combination of features, with those wide-apart eyes and angular bones, is delightfully unexpected.
Katya absolutely! In terms of Meryl, I thought of Merle Oberon, a famous Hollywood actress from the 40's. No Disney here; to me she is an exotic ballerina.