My translation:

Plushenko finished official practice ahead of time in Zagreb

ZAGREB, 23 January - R-sports, Andrey Simonenko. Olympic champion Evgeny Plushenko ahead of schedule left ice during official training in the figure skating European championship in Zagreb.

Plushenko who was repeatedly noting that an injury of a back disturbs him, with visible difficulties executed jumps during the official practice at Wednesday afternoon on a training skating rink. At the beginning of practice Plushenko fell extremely unsuccessfully from 3Lz+3T combo. The hollow in ice could become the reason of falling which happened during pushing away before the second jump, according to being present experts.

After incident the Olympic champion took some detours along a board then repeated the unfortunate combo. After that - 3A twice, one of them - in 3A+3T combo. Evgeny's only attempt at practice to make 4T was with step out. Plushenko's half-hour training finished 10 minutes before its termination.

Plushenko's coach Alexey Mishin refused to give official comments concerning a condition of the Olympic champion.

Two other Russian participants of the Euro training in the same group - Sergey Voronov and Maxim Kovtun - without problems executed difficult jumps. So, Kovtun made the 4T+3T combo, and also several times executed 3A.

Men's Short Program will be at Thursday.