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Thread: Laurence Owen's Music Teacher

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    Laurence Owen's Music Teacher

    I few years ago I interviewed the son of Laurence Owen's music teacher, Clinton Jonas, of Winchester MA, about her. Clinton Jonas considered Laurence to have exceptional music ability, saying as much in a eulogy to her in the local paper, after the tragic plane crash in Brussels, February 15, 1961.

    We can remember what a fine sense of musicality came through as she skated (see YouTube)...

    I'll be happy to post my interview notes on the Forum, after I retrieve them from storage in a month or so (in TKA rehab right now); I assume there would be some interest here in them?

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    I would definitely be interested in the notes. Laurence Owen has to rank up there as one of the biggest skating What Might Have Beens of the last 50 years. It's just too bad the technology of that period left us with relatively little visual material for posterity.

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    Yes if she had lived she might have been the one and not Peggy to have taken figure skating to a different level on TV and in popularity.

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