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Thread: Is Plushenko Too Old For This Sport?

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    I also agree that there's significant hype based on a fall. Considering that Plushenko's injury has plagued him, he has been remarkably resilient and brave. I don't see why this is even a question of him being too old for this sport. The answer is: "No, he isn't. He won the 2012 Europeans. He won the 2013 Russian nationals less than a month prior to Euros - and skated quite well, landing the quad/3A. He had a bad competition at Europeans, and needs time to recover." If he has a streak of showing up to the next few competitions and implodes, maybe then we can start questioning if he's too old for the sport.

    And those who are questioning Plushenko as having "only one" gold medal are being ridiculous. He is the only skater in the modern history of the sport to have won 3 Olympic medals which is a stunning feat. Most countries have never won a single men's gold. Won the most Euro titles, won the most Russian titles (Russia arguably being one of the hardest countries for men's skating). That's over 15 years of staying in contention and winning ISU/GP medals! And really, his second gold was victim to the CoP system in Vancouver... everyone knows he had the most difficult technical skates and flawless ones at that (but Evan was the better overall skater and deserved the win under CoP rules).

    I'm by no means a huge fan of his actual skating (I think his choreography is rarely creative/inspiring, and he could be much more elegant and less mechanical), but arguably he is the best and most consistent technical skater of all time. wallylutz, to ridicule his chances of a medal at Sochi, after such an illustrious career and when his intention is to compete and end his career in his home country (obviously he is going out there to put out his best performance and try to place as high as he can), is deplorably disrespectful considering what he has done for the sport.
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