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No, what Jammers is saying is that Yagudin was an all-rounded skater, which the CoP system rewards. So theoretically, had he skated in CoP he would have done well because he had no major weaknesses.
Yagudin was an all-around 6.0 skater. Someone in this thread mentioned that he had lots of spin variations. Really? Which were these spins variation?
Or his fans keep saying how great was his choreography or footwork. These are just myths. Yagudins’s choreography , though pleasant to watch, was exactly the typical 6.0 choreography: front-loaded programs, with cross-overs between elements and lots of posing. The same goes for footwork: fast, quick steps but no edgework.

Please remove the rose-coloured glasses, watch his programs again and let us know what do you think about spins, footwork, coreography, transitions (he had exactly the same amount of transitions as Plushenko , yet Yagudin is regarded as the one having intricate programs...).
And I am not saying all these to criticize Yagudin. He was a very good skater who did exactly what was required of him to win under 6.0 system.,
But let’s not fantasize about his skills.