Surprised no one has posted about this yet! I guess it is midday on a Thursday...

I missed the first group but the second group was very entertaining. I thought it was three great skates!

Any way two groups down with Castelli and Shnapir not surprisingly well into the lead with 62.27. The looked a little tight to me, like they really wanted to make it a great event. I feel like they have been looser in the fall but they managed to go relatively clean here. It will be hard for any other team to pass them.

I also really like DeeDee Leng and Timothy LeDuc. Their style is so distinct and they had a lot of great speed. REALLY need to figure out that twist though. Their speed is something they'll have to learn how to harness and use to their advantage. You can tell at times it got away from them. Fabulous side-by-side toes, great positions in the side-by-side spin and I LOVED their footwork. They have some really unique moments in the choreography that I loved. I kind of thought they were underscored so I'll be interested to see the protocols. I hope they do well in the FS and get one or two international assignments.

I thought Zhang and Bartholomay also did a nice job. Their look is a little more classic. Is it their first season together? They seem like a new pair. A little slow through the moves but pretty clean. Zhang had a hand down of the salchows but they looked good otherwise.

Here are the standings so far!
1 Marissa Castelli and Simon Shnapir 62.27
2 Felicia Zhang and Nathan Bartholomay 53.19
3 Lindsay Davis and Mark Ladwig 51.65
4 DeeDee Leng and Timothy LeDuc 50.84
5 Kiri Baga and Taylor Toth 48.13
6 Tarah Kayne and Daniel O'Shea 47.74