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I wonder if it really is this easy. To underestimate S/S and think V/T have it in the bag is a mistake. Of course, Russia will push V/T as they seem to be their safe bet for a medal in Sochi in a sport that was once dominated by them. They have to act. But if V/T make mistakes and S/S don't - V/T won't win. Imagine the outcry. I think this seasons programs of S/S were lacklustre. It is pre-olympic season. I'm bored by quite a few programs. I would be very surprised, if S/S are not already working on a masterpiece for next season, a programme which will end their career with a bang. They want that gold, it is their last chance! Like Jammers said, it's better to have a weak season (well, what is weak, really? Being Silver Medallists at EC?), in the 2012/13 season than to have problems in the next. I wish them luck and I'm sure they won't be going down with a fight.
S/S are 4 time world champs. (and who knows could end up being 5 time) If V/T are terrible and S/S are great, I can't imagine S/S not getting the gold.